Vocabulary Wstęp

The neccessary vocabulary

The Necessary Vocabulary

Here we intend to provide you with (=let you have) what we think will help you in becoming more English. Even if the choice of the vocabulary seems completely random (=you can see no reason why it is introduced), it actually has something to do with the instalment (=part) of the 'How to Be More English?' series it refers to. We do not  pretend to be exhaustive (=give all the vocabulary associated with the subject) or systematic (=present it in an ordered manner), because life does not seem to be like that.

We concentrate on showing the way to use every single word we introduce. This is why we tend to choose (=we most often choose) the words that have a double-meaning (=are used to express more than one concept) or which might be troublesome (=may cause troubles) to the language learner as he or she is unsure of how to use them. This usually happens when a word has no simple counterpart (=there is no word which would mean the same and would be used in the same way) in his or her native language (=mother-tongue, the language he or she has been taught first (not) foreign language), which is assumed to be Polish.

As the best way to learn vocabulary, together with the way to use it, is to actually use it, we suggest you write a short (up to 300 words) composition (=a piece of prose) each week using each word printed in small caps (=that looks like this) at least once. If you are very proud of what you have written, you can e-mail (=send as electronic mail) it to us. We will publish what we think is especially interesting, funny or absurd.

At the same time, if you feel that there is a whole field of vocabulary that you would like to see commented upon by us, perhaps more exhaustively and systematically, e-mail us with your request and we will do our best to deliver it in a fortnight (=two weeks).
When drinking tea
When engaging in a conversation
When thinking of other people
When playing sports
When drinking and getting drunk

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